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Our Services

Staffing Solutions

Minds Solvit provides the best-of-the-best Staffing Solution with primary focus on Talent Acquisition. We have evolved from the experience, exposure of many people, groups, organizations, industries, and subsidiaries nationally for a common purpose. Our Objective is to Specialize human talent in Permanent & Temporary staffing.

Manpower Recruitments

To cater to varied needs across your business operations, we at Minds Solvit Pvt Ltd offer you a range of segmented plans for human resource development. ► Executive Search ► Permanent Recruitment ► Contractual Staffing ► Mass Recruitment Solutions ► Campus Recruitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering sources and attracts talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to on boarding.

Permanent Recruitment

Organizations keep looking at hiring good leaders as part of their growth strategy. The challenge is to get appropriate alignment of leader's aspirations with the directions of the organization. We create high-impact solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the organizations.

Career Development and Training

We help you respond to changing market conditions and emerging business opportunities by strategically mobilizing and sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your business, minimize turnover and maintain procutivity. We offer a full array of resouces to ensure that your talent has the skills and knowledge needed to drive your business forward.

Contract Staffing

We bring you the innovative staffing solutions which are agile enough to meet the rapidly changing talent needs of today’s world of work.